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Kumiko Kitagawa

Experience the benefits of personalized language tutoring and expert translation services with a dedicated professional fluent in English and Japanese. Unleash your language potential today.

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Kumiko Kitagawa, professional language tutor, in traditional Japanese kimono against a vibrant orange shrine background.



Lessons are tailored to your unique needs, fostering personal growth and targeted improvement.


Interactive activities and real-world examples keep lessons lively and promote lasting retention.


Consistent guidance and encouragement empower you to tackle language hurdles with confidence.

Focused student engaged in an online language lesson, symbolizing the dedicated and interactive tutoring provided by Kumiko Kitagawa.

Achieve your language goals with me as your experienced and committed tutor, every step of the way.

I am a passionate and experienced English and Japanese tutor, dedicated to helping adults and students achieve their language goals. With a rich background in international language study and teaching, I bring a wealth of knowledge to my lessons.

My experience spans across the globe, having studied English at renowned language schools in Europe, North America, and Japan.

As a certified TESOL educator and a specialist in IELTS, I have honed my skills at Dublin City University in Dublin, Ireland. My global perspective allows me to teach people from diverse backgrounds, creating a unique and effective learning environment for my students.

In addition to my teaching expertise, I have provided translation services for video productions, media, websites, business deals, tours, and business and official documents. My impressive TOEIC score of 900+ places me in the top 10% of test-takers worldwide, showcasing my exceptional command of the English language.

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